How I Turned from a Loser With Women to a Chick Magnet…

Before you read any further, I need you to trust in a simple formula:

“Every reaction is a result of your actions”.

Yes. The law is applicable both for physics and human emotions.

Reactions are born out of your actions and there is nothing you can do to change that truth. If you think I am going to bedazzle you with a magic shortcut that will instantly make chicks run after you, you are in the wrong place.

Life is not an Axe commercial.

There is either a right action or a wrong action. I am just going to nudge you towards the right direction.

Why am I going on about actions and reactions when the internet is flooded with ‘get laid quick’ hacks?

What makes me so damn confident about this? Why am I the right person to tell you how it works?

It’s because I was exactly like you. I was the proverbial good guy who was doing reasonably well for himself. I had a group of buddies I would chill out with on weekends.

Anybody who knew me would rate me as a perfectly normal guy.

Except that I wasn’t.

On a scale of 0-10, my success with women could be rated as negative. Whenever a good-looking female spoke directly to me, I would fumble awkwardly.

There was simply no question of approaching a beauty in a bar. The very thought of it made me sweat at the time.

I put on a brave face to the outside world, but it was killing me inside. Every single friend of mine had a pretty girlfriend at some point or the other.

I was on the verge of depression and this was affecting my life very negatively.

I had actually started believing that I was going to live my life like a demented loner.

I was resigned to my fate and getting out of bed every day seemed to be a futile task.

It all changed one fine day when I met Ryan.

He had just moved into town and would hang out with my group at times.

There was a very peculiar thing about Ryan, which to me looked like a superpower.

That guy could literally score any chick he wanted to. There was not a single element of doubt involved in it.

If Ryan spotted an attractive woman in a mall, he would walk up to her, say a few things and get her number.


I’ve seen him get shut down maybe like once or twice only from the dozens of times I’ve seen him approach women.

This ability of his was so freakish, I started wondering whether he was hypnotizing them.

I tried sneaking in on the conversation he was having, but I couldn’t understand what was so magical about what he was saying. There was something more going on.

Whatever this skill was, I decided that I wanted to master it.

I mean, C’mon! This guy was average looking and even an inch shorter than me. Surely I could do this too if I tried!

One day, I invited him over to my place to drink some beers and watch football. 3 Beers in, I finally shot out the question I was dying to ask.

“What is it that you do man? How on earth do you manage to approach any woman and score a date? Is it hypnotism?”

Ryan just flashed a lazy smile and said, “No man. No hocus-pocus. I just do what works.”

“Yeah, but what really works? I have tried tons of tricks I have learned from the internet. No bloody luck!”

“It’s a secret. Just a bunch of handy techniques I keep repeating”, he said as he burped loud from all the beer we’ve been downing.

“I am all ears, brother. Just help me break out of this hole I have dug for myself. I’ll pay you for your secret if that’s what you want.”

Ryan laughed out loud at my desperation and finally obliged.

“Here you go, Romeo…I’ll tell you the secret for free. Write this down if you have to”.

For the next hour and a half, Ryan went on a monologue that amazed and encouraged me. I even kept taking notes on my iPhone like a nerd and by the time he was finished, I was overflowing with joy.

I’ve never had so many “aha” moments in such a short period of time.

He told me what to do, what to say, how to handle different situations, and how to build attraction during a first interaction.

“This…this is all achievable. There is no superpower needed”, I blabbered.

“Oh yes, champ! But remember, there will be no reaction from a woman without an action from you”, signed off Ryan.

That conversation changed everything for me. I was transformed.

It barely took me a month. From a shy, awkward guy, I had turned into a confident Casanova who could just walk up to any woman and get her number.

From then on, it was a simple matter of when rather than ‘if’ I would be able to get into her pants.

What really are these ‘secrets’ that Ryan was so focused on?

They are nothing but a set of techniques that are proven to be winners through ages.

Everything from your body posture, your smile, and your eyes tells a story. You just need to follow and practice these methods over and over again till you gain absolute mastery.

I assure you that a time will come when you WILL be the stud of your group when you follow some instructions exactly as given. You will no longer sweat when you approach a beautiful woman.

You will look her in the eye and tell her things that will make her chase you. – You’ll be surprised how it’ll happen before your eyes.

I don’t want to deprive any guy in this world of the wonderful gifts that these ‘secrets’ can bestow.

So I documented those 10 secrets that Ryan first shared with me, and added my personal experience using them throughout the years.

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It is yours to read and keep, but remember this: the text is useless unless you go out there and practice all techniques as described.

See you on the other side,
– Nick Heart